Utica, N.Y.-based award-winning rapper Isa Blaque founded his burgeoning career as an outlet to express himself. “My art is described as Real rap music you can FEEL.” It’s real life experiences, fun, inspirational & music you can identify with. Along with mixtapes “FriO Season” (upcoming) and “Who Is Isa Blaque/FriO???” “The FriO 5 EP” & “FriO’s The Future”—which denote Blaque’s alternative moniker FriO, a.k.a. “For Real Intelligent People and Only”—he released 2015 single Isa Blaque began freestyling and composed his first songs at the astonishing age of 4 years old.

Fair to say that rapping is his life, yes? At 17, while still a student, he released a debut album—with themes that encompassed his life: education, daily struggles, choices & challenges, the trials & tribulations of childhood, and the challenges of being on the road. The ultimate goal of his message is to inspire and unite youth through honest communication. “I hope to enable young people to know they can achieve their dreams through hard work, skill, passion, talent and perseverance. I hope my energy will feed theirs, as well as make you feel good” he says. Isa Blaque’s music is currently being played on Pandora internet radio, iheart radio, in queue for Sirius XM radio, a few college stations, etc.